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Coveross® facemasks combine Japanese technology with Finnish design – that’s why they are one of the most high-quality masks available. The masks are treated with anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology, and they are self-cleaning. Coveross facemasks are reusable and designed for daily use.

ISO 18184 and The masks have been ISO 20743 tested by the Kaken biological laboratory in Japan.

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Coveross facemasks come in two versions.

Coveross® Protect
White Grey Navy Black

Coveross Protect is a thicker facemask version that is designed to be used outdoors and in cold air. It has soft pads on both sides of the mask to add comfort. Reusable and washable.

Coveross® Protect Air
White Grey Navy Black

Coveross Protect Air is a thinner and lighter facemask version designed for sports and indoors. An increased air-flow makes it easy to use the mask with eyeglasses. Reusable and washable.

Statistically, we touch our faces every four minutes – and with masks, even more often. Coveross facemasks prevent the touch-based spreading of viruses, since the photocatalyst and silver catalyst technology of the masks clean the surface within a few seconds. Photocatalyst and silver catalyst technologies activate self-cleaning even in the dark.

Coveross facemasks are environmentally friendly. They are reusable and exceptionally comfortable to use. They prevent moisture from forming and make breathing easier. The facemasks are treated with innovative Coveross technology that’s been on Japanese market since 2016.

Hand washing or short boiling is recommended for Coveross® masks. Machine wash inside a net at a maximum of 40° C.

Coveross® masks are not medical masks.

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The outer side is COVEROSS® functional fabric. The inner side is non-processed sustainable fabric.


White, grey, navy and black. Custom colors and printing also availableask for more information.


Both mask versions are available in three sizes: S (kids size), M and L.


Prices depend on the order size – ask for an offer. Minimum order quantity: 5,000 pcs in total for a single air cargo delivery, with a minimum of 500 pcs per color.


A sustainable way to breathe safer

In Finland alone, the estimated daily consumption is approximately 4 million non-woven masks. Locally and globally, this results in an increasing mask waste problem and an increased CO2 burden. Coveross facemasks are reusable, reducing any extra load on the environment.

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Revolutionary Technology

How do Coveross multifunctional facemasks work?

8 functionalities on the outer side, including anti-virus and anti-bacterial treatments. See the full list of functionalities below.

Air in between the mask sides help prevent high humidity inside the mask and keep it dry.

Comfortable materials are used on the inside to make the mask easy to wear.


Expect more from your facemask


If a virus becomes attached to the surface of the mask, it is eliminated by photocatalysis. (ISO 18184 and JIS L 1922 tested, read more about the results below)


Coveross masks are anti-bacterial in two ways – the processed fabric surface prevents bacteria and the photocatalysis helps decompose bacteria. (ISO 20743 and JIS L 1902 tested)


The fabric surface stays clean with the help of photocatalysis and silver catalyst technology. (Tested by the Kaken Test Center according to the ISO SEK standard)

Quick absorption

Coveross fabric makes fast absorption and diffusion of water and moisture possible. (ISO 17617 tested for absorbency)


Pollen particles drop off the fabric. (Tested by the Kaken Test Center according to Japanese anti-pollen standard)


Coveross masks suppress mold formation and growth. (Tested by the Kaken Test Center according to the JIS Z 2911 standard)


The masks block ultraviolet radiation rays. UPF 40. (JIS L 1925 tested)


Ammonia gas reduction prevents any smell formation. (Tested by the Kaken Test Center according to the ISO SEK standard)

Technical data and research

Coveross fabrics have been tested according to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. The Biological Laboratory of the Kaken Test Center has conducted the tests.

Further laboratory tests are ongoing with the coronavirus according to JIS L 1922 (equivalent to ISO 18184: Determination of anti-viral activity in textile products). In this test, when the result is 3.0, the effectiveness equals 99.9% anti-viral activity; the test result of the Coveross fabric was 3.4 even after ten washes. Thereafter, the effectiveness may diminish.

Antiviral test report

Kaken Test Center, 2017

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Antiviral and SEK references

Kaken Test Center, 2020

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Anti-bacterial test report

Kaken Test Center, 2018

Read more

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